Top B2b Portal and Best B2b Marketplace in India

What is B2B Portal in India ?

B2b Portal is an online marketplace or online bazaar where manufacturers / suppliers / exporters can list their companies with products and then create an online catalog with the complete details like company overview, warehouse/factory details, certification, website and products listings.

Do we know that India is one of the fastest growing b2b and b2c ecommerce and online markets in the world. Because B2b Portals have large order sizes and sheer volume, B2B ecommerce portals have taken the lead in this growth.

How B2b Portal works in India ?

In the B2b Portal or B2b Marketplace We have three types of business models.

  • Listing Based B2B Portal Model
  • Ecommerce B2B PortalModel
  • Pay Per Lead B2B Portal Model

In the Listing Model, B2B Portal in india display companies as business listings on category or search pages and charge some subscriptions amount on higher rankings with some other addon benefits.

The Ecommerce Model is also similar to the listing model but in this only one difference, Buyer can pay instantly to sellers through buy now button. In this model b2b portal charge sellers in different ways like subscriptions or commission etc.

In the Pay Per Lead Model, As we know as Pay Per Lead means sellers need to pay only for leads in b2b portal. Means if sellers want to see contact details of any leads then they need to pay only for particular leads.

All the models are much populars and have their own pros and cons for manufacturers / suppliers and buyers.