Term & Conditions

www.getworldbusiness.com is an enhanced web based platform meant for the development and enhancement of all category of businesses. This is done in two ways; searching for suitable companies and then interacting with them. It is managed by Get World Business Technologies Pvt Ltd ("Company"). Get World Business and BuyerConnect is registered trademark under the Trademarks Act, 1999.

The use of the website in part and complete is subject to the acceptance of the website’s terms and conditions. Everyone willing to use the website’s services should agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions. Only those companies, firms or individuals can use the services that are eligible to create binding contracts that are legal under the Indian laws. While the company getworldbusiness has the full rights over the amendment of those terms and conditions before publishing them on the site. Once they are published on the site, they may be deemed approved and effective from the date posted.

Definition Clause

  • User: As per this agreement of getworldbusiness.com, a user is one who has acknowledged the use of the services by the website. It can be an individual or a company.
  • Un-authorized Member or User: All users have to be registered under the terms and conditions of the company getworldbusiness.com. Someone who is not and willing to use the services is considered to be an un-authorized member or user.
  • Free Services: An individual or a firm that is willing to enlist his or their business without availing any other services of the website is enjoying the free services.
  • Paid Services: While most of the services are free for the users, there are certain tasks and services that are paid. A user if pays for those services are said to be enjoying the paid services. When enjoying the paid services, one has to be in agreement with the terms and conditions laid down by the website.
  • When an individual or a company agrees to use the site and its services, the following statements should be adhered to:
    (a) that all the information provided are true and authentic. as per the best knowledge of the provider.
    (b) that it is responsibility of the user to check whether the information provided is accurate.
    (c) that the user is not less than 18 years of age,
    (d) that no violation of any of the clauses, contents mentioned on the site takes place.
    (e) that the user’s profile can undergo termination as well as deletion, if found inappropriate or breaching of any contract terms and conditions.
    (f) that the user won’t hold the site responsible for the loss of date, any unforeseen event that may occur, as a result of the use of the site and the services. Or due to negligence of the user.
  • The sites shall be used by the users in all lawful manners without any breach of law of the land. Content used should not be offensive or transmit a message that is derogatory in nature.
  • Intellectual Property Rights can’t be tracked by the site. If a user posts or advertises products that have copyright issues can be solved once that is brought to light. through mutual means. The site is against the endorsement and advocacy of the products that may be subject to copyright.
  • Contents that lack in verification like copyright, acknowledgement, knowledge and contraventions may lead to issues. The site is not responsible for such contents posted by the users.
  • If any copyright or infringement issue crops up, the user shall be deleted permanently from the classified listing. It will be done under the Information Technology Act 2000 and no discussion pertaining to the action will occur.
  • In case of a conflict between the terms of the paid services and the provisions of the agreement, it is the website www.getworldbusiness.com that has the right to take any action for the solution. If the problem still persists, the paid services will continue to prevail.
  • The terms and conditions of the website can be amended by the getworldbusiness.com. Once they have been amended and approved, they will be posted on the site. There is no another way of modifying the terms unless in writing.
  • One who seeks membership in the website can seek for it. Once the activation request is submitted by the user, it is activated in two business days. The period will depend on the activation duration requested for.
  • Users or members should learn that the servers are third party owned which means that the site won’t be liable for any damage to your property or any hacking that may arise. To be on the safer side, members can back their messages up offline and save it in a secure manner. The user must be responsible for security and safety of the information , getworldbusiness takes no responsibility in any manner. .
  • The charges of membership are subject to change and alteration. They are also at the discretion of the site owners.
  • The company getworldbusiness.com can deactivate and go offline any time. The users may not receive any clarification on the action.
  • The mode of communication to the users can be specified during the registration of the membership. It can be through calls, SMS, emails etc.

Users who Post information on getworldbusiness.com

  • In order to post any information, you need to be a registered user.
  • The users and getworldbusiness.com are not in any form of business relationship or sales relationship. Any damage caused by the post on the site will not be directed towards anyone associated with getworldbusiness.com or the site itself.
  • Users who wish to post on the site should ensure the following:
    (a) all the information provided is true and accurate.
    (b) information once provided should be updated and amended as and when required without any fail.
  • Any material or posts on the site, a user has to have all the required trademarks. Copyright, material rights etc. for no damage to be caused to the site in future.
  • Each of the users will ascertain the following:
    (a) no information provided is fraudulent and there is no attempt of sale of services or items which are not abiding by the law.
    (b) no post should be published which discriminates a race, community, culture, individuality etc.
    (c) no solicitation of business activity that is in competition with the site.
  • Any material on the site found to be breaching the terms and condition of the site will be removed by getworldbusiness.com and the sites will entertain no discussion on the similar actions. The site may also terminate an account of a user if found involved in unlawful act that may be harmful to the operation of the site.
  • Business enquiries through phone calls, SMS and Emails are encouraged by getworldbusiness.com and the site will not be involved in the business communication between the two parties.
  • Getworldbusiness.Com does not exercise any control over its Users for sending business enquiries to the Registered members and will not be involved in any scrutiny of the same. getworldbusiness.Com does not represent the seller nor the buyer in specific transactions and does not charge any commissions from completing any transactions. getworldbusiness.Com does not control and is not liable to or responsible for the quality, safety, lawfulness or availability of the products or services offered for sale on the Site or the ability of the suppliers to complete a sale or the ability of buyers to complete a purchase.